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La Virgin si lancia alla conquista dello spazio con Virgin Galactic e crea la fondazione a scopi benefici Virgin Unite Virgin launches the tourist space race with Virgin Galactic and founds Virgin Unite, a charity foundation Virgin Media diventa il primo fornitore in Gran Bretagna di servizi Quadplay TV, internet, telefono via cavo e mobile ; nasce su iniziativa di Branson e Mandela, The Elders, ONG che riunisce leader mondiali che lottano per la pace nel mondo e i diritti umani. Agisci e basta! Qualcuno lo ha definito folle, altri rischiatutto, altri ancora visionario, ribelle o anticonformista. I numeri parlano da soli. Ma non si tratta di sole cifre. Già nel Branson raggiunge quota 1 milione di follower su LinkedIn aggiudicandosi il primato nella lista degli Influencer sulla piattaforma professionale più celebre in rete.

Se vuoi una garanzia, compra un tostapane. Se ti dice di averne 26 e ne dimostra 26, allora, accidenti è vicina ai If a woman tells you she's twenty and looks sixteen, she's twelve. If she tells you she's twenty-six and looks twenty-six, she's damn near fourty. Cinetosi Sapete che ci sono le maschere per l'ossigeno sugli aerei? Non penso affinché ci sia davvero dell'ossigeno. Secondo me servono solo ad attutire le avviso. I was a vegetarian until I started leaning toward the sunlight.

Even then, it would have been quite hard to calmly assess and describe what happened in the past few months, so I decided I would start writing again when the right opportunity presented itself, which brings me to the World Tour. There was a trip I have wanted to take for the past few years, which consisted in touring Scandinavia and northern Europe by train for around three weeks, and I realised that I would not have a better chance to make it happen for at least the next few years, so I alerted as many friends as I could, I flew to Bergen, Norway, and started my journey back to Parma, passing through Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris and Nice. I chose Bergen as my starting point specifically because there was an abundance of friends I made over the years living in the city, and even though some were unfortunately out of town, I still had a lovely time and an incredibly fun late night reunion with many of my fellow braaiers from Cape Town. The sky melded with the dark blue of a calm sea and the deep green divisionist painting that is a conifer forest in summer, with splashes of lighter blue provided by the innumerable lakes. It was one of those incredible views that can only be seen from the sky. When I landed in Bergen I found something I really did not expect, a city that did not feel like a city, but rather felt like a loose collection of towns separated by mountains and linked by valleys, of the kind you would find in Southern Tirol, near Bolzano. The truth is that I had never seen anything quite like Bergen, so my mind kept summoning images of familiar places in quick succession in order to find an apt description of the place, much to the annoyance of my wonderful guide and host for the duration of my stay; speaking of whom: Marte, I cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, kindness and patience, I enjoyed our time together immensely and I hope you will find some time to visit Italy in the near future. Bergen in June has a quirky but overall pleasant weather, with a constant breeze and the occasional drizzle coming down from the sky. Given this, on the first day we decided to spend part of our time indoors, by visiting the local history museum, with remarkable sections on traditional Norwegian clothing and lifestyle and impressively carved wooden panels that once adorned local churches.

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